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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

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Happy Tuesday, Washingtonians! Got any burning food-related questions? Head over today at 11 AM to Kliman Online, where Todd will be answering all of them.  

Sadly, it seems, we won't be getting an Apple Georgetown anytime soon, if ever, reports the Current (via City Paper). Not even Steve Jobs could convince the powers-that-be.

Could Chicago schools be a model for DC ones? That might be the case, reports the Post, if Arne Duncan has anything to say about it. The Chicago city schools chief executive was tapped by Obama to be education secretary and may bring some of his Chicago lessons along with him. 

DCist points us to this sad question: Is DC the suckiest sports team in the country?  

The DCeiver muses that the official Congressional Inaugural Committee advisory on inauguration preparation might basically be one long plea asking folks to not come to DC.