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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

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TGIF, Washingtonians. For this weekend, you can expect it to be cold—and there may be a bit of a wintry mix Saturday night, becoming sunnier on Sunday.  

Virginia Governor Tim Kaine was officially named by President-elect Obama as the new chief of the DNC.

The recessions is affecting everyone, and Metro isn't excluded—the agency is dealing with the potential of budget shortfalls and layoffs. Could we be seeing another hike in fares?  

Are you a newcomer moving to DC and looking for a place to live? Heads up—Megan McArdle warns you against Craigslist scammers who might be, er, less than honest about the actual location of an apartment: "We know that a $1400 2br in Georgetown, or $895 1br in the heart of Dupont, do not exist.  But I'm sure that there are people coming in from out of town–for the administration, or just because they're graduating from school or what have you–who are getting taken in.  What to do for these people?"

Heads up, inauguration fans—bleacher tickets to the inaugural parade go on sale today.

Check back later today for…a Frugal Fashionista on inaugural outfits; a contest about our 100 Best Restaurants; the Real Estate roundup; and lots more!

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