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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web on this icy AM.

Photo by Flickr user ccperkdog

Stay safe out there, Washingtonians—if your commute was anything like ours was, you slipped on those treacherously icy sidewalks, oh, only two hundred times or so. We'll get more freezing rain and bad conditions throughout the day, but the good news is that temps will rise into the 40s later today, warming things up and hopefully melting all the ice. WTOP has a list of closings and delays.

Need something to take your mind off this wintry weather? How about perusing our countdown of the top 20 restaurants from the 100 Best list? Or checking our our 100 Best Restaurants slide show (warning: don't look at near lunchtime)? Or tell us: What's your number one restaurant?  

Drink a lot of water? You may want to consider switching to bottled, as the Post reported that high lead levels are still a serious problem in DC's tap water.  

A DC policeman shot a man yesterday at 16th and Kalorama.

Check back later today for…a new Blogger Beat; Eleni Engaged; the weekend nightlife guide; and lots more! 

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