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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web on this chilly AM.

Photo by Flickr user kimberlyfaye

Brrrrrrrr, Washington! It's practically arctic out there! Temperatures are apparently 20 degrees below average, and won't rise more than into the 20s. But get ready for this weekend—it could get into the 40s or 50s. 

Why not get your mind off the weather and warm up with our Valentine's Day Guide? We've added lots of fun pieces in the past few days—romantic restaurant suggestions; a girls'-only guide; and a guide to gifts you may or may not want to buy…off Craigslist.

DCist reports that the DC Preservation League is putting together their Most Endangered Places list, and are looking to the public for submissions. 

Marc Fisher writes a moving column on the homeless man who was attacked outside the Giant in Columbia Heights last week. He reports that an astonishing 166 people walked past the man on the ground, and did nothing. The man later died of his injuries. 

Looks like Georgetown may finally be getting that Apple store after all. After lots of back and forth with the Old Georgetown Board on design (the board was concerned about too much glass and too modern of a look), a fourth design is being submitted. Hopefully it goes through; goodness knows we're tired of having to head to Clarendon for our Genius Bar fix. 

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