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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web on this Monday AM.

Photo of ducks and flamingos at the National Zoo by Flickr user Sam Ruaat

Happy Monday, folks! How were your weekends? Did you partake in any Oscar parties or Mardi Gras festivities? What do you think of Slumdog totally crushing it last night? We can't say we were surprised.

What else happened over the weekend? The Terps, in a stunning upset, beat UNC in an overtime basketball thriller and, in the process, as the Sun says, "rewriting the storyline of their season." 

And police are very close to making an arrest in the murder of Chandra Levy, the Post reports

Speaking of the Post, they debuted a new ombudsman over the weekend. 

Mike Grass observes some quirks that happened on Metro buses over the weekend. 

Did you dine out during Restaurant Week over the weekend? We're still collecting your stories about your experiences here

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