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The Morning Buzz

Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

Photo of the National Building Museum by Flickr user thisisbossi

Happy windy Tuesday, Washingtonians! Though it's pretty breezy out there, we can only look forward to higher temps throughout the week. In fact, it may get up into the 50s tomorrow. 

The big local news is that a DC voting rights bill is hitting the Senate floor for a critical vote today.  From the Examiner: " The D.C. Voting Rights Act proposes to add two seats to the U.S. House of Representatives, one for Democratic stronghold D.C. and the other, at least initially, for Republican-leaning Utah. Utah narrowly missed out on an additional seat after the last reapportionment."

Mayor Fenty gets around—internationally, that is. Last week he was in Dubai, on what he called a personal trip, though he said yesterday that the United Arab Emirates government paid for the trip.

Will there be a new Metro stop in Alexandria? Officials are eyeing plans and possible funding. 

Politico.com shared their list of who they think the top 10 DC Twitterers are. Interesting to note that several of them, well, seem to have stopped using Twitter entirely, though. And how could they miss Washingtonian.com's Twitter? For shame.

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