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Good morning, Washington! Here's what we're reading around the web this AM.

 Photo of the Newseum by Flickr user joevare

Happy hump day, Washingtonians. The big news around town was Obama's speech on the economy and the state of the nation last night, which was fairly well received.  What did congressional leaders think of it? Well, Dana Milbank reports they may have been too busy Twittering to pay attention. 

Does hump day make you think of drinking? No? Just us, then? Well. Regardless, you should submit any and all drinking/bar/booze/cocktail-related questions to our chat with four great local bartenders, taking place tomorrow at 11 AM.  

More exciting news for DC voting rights advocates—the bill is advancing in the Senate

Heads up, transport geeks—DC is prepping for a return of streetcars. (Also heads up: later today we'll have an interview with transport/urban planner geek/blogger Greater Greater Washington.) 

The Post has a fun if cheesy piece on how the bad economy is not helping people who have zero game in the dating market—because they can't impress women with money any longer. 

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