Sidewalk Style: Just Justin

Today we stop a student who favors cut-off shorts and bright colors.

Justin Lanford, 19

What he’s wearing: A-1 combat boots from a thrift store, Hanes socks, Urban Outfitters jeans that he cut, American Apparel cardigan vest, D&G zebra-print glasses, and a heart-shaped necklace that was a gift from a friend.

What do you do?
“Hang out, look pretty, hang out with my best friend. We go shopping, we eat Chipotle. In the fall, I’m going to Ann Arundel Community College. They have a good dance program there. I’m into contemporary hip-hop. I like hip-hop but I’ll do anything.”

Where do you shop?
“Urban outfitters, American Apparel. I’ll go anywhere. I like thrift stores like Village Thrift in Maryland. I take stuff and cut it up and sew it up and make something else. I made a hooded scarf from a hoodie that’s really cool. I’m no Martha Stewart, but I try.”

Tell me about your look.

“It’s just Justin. Unpredictable. I wear it with confidence, and that’s all that matters. I’m wearing a little mascara right now.”

What are you really into wearing at the moment?
“I’m liking shorts cut off at the knee. And onesie pieces.”

Rachel says: Even if you’d never in a million years wear Justin’s outfit, there’s plenty to take inspiration from. First, color: Justin’s outfit is really just two simple pieces, but the color is what makes it interesting. Second, military influences: The combat boots add a great rugged edge to the mix.

Weigh in on Justin’s style!

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