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Real World Watch: A Weekend Update

The Real World DC cast had their first full weekend in town—and if the rest of their stay in our fair city is anything like the shenanigans that took place over the past few days, we're in for a "real" treat.

When we launched our Real World DC Watch Map a few weeks ago, we asked what would happen once people started reporting Real World sightings. Well, we got our answer this weekend, and it wasn’t pretty: WUSA9 reporter Lindsey Mastis was confronted by MTV cameras outside the Real World House on Thursday, July 2 while attempting to interview fans lurking nearby about the show. A video in which a member of the show’s production crew is shown interrupting Mastis by blocking her camera can be viewed below.

Mastis tweeted about the incident and later wrote more about it on WUSA9’s web site.

The Anti-Real World DC blog has an account of another unpleasant exchange with members of the show's crew, this time involving the house's security guards. According to an anonymous tip, a member of the security team used a homophobic slur against a group of passerbys and then attempted to pass as Park Police to remove them from the area.

Meanwhile, the Twitter feed of sightings and updates shows no signs of stopping, with photos and videos of the cast members being posted regularly.

We'll continue to update you on all Real World DC developments, including the new role fans and gawkers have seemed to take.

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