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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

It’s all about healthcare this week, and Joe Wilson knows it: His wife has the dreaded swine (the tweet was written by his son). Will it affect his stance on allowing illegal immigrants to purchase insurance? Probably not. He is, however, “honed” to serve in South Carolina, so we guess he’s been working out to stay healthy.

In other news, Roy Blunt’s campaign against Robin Carnahan takes a lofty tone, Chellie Pingree exposes Louie Gohmert as a horrible punner, Arlen Specter uses fighting words, Robert Menendez introduces the most obvious bill of all time, Zach Wamp had a good time on his birthday (even though he had to, you know, do his job and all), and Bill Nelson is left slightly disappointed. And sorry, Kevin Brady, but we couldn’t help sniggering when we read your last tweet.

SenArlenSpecter: I’m delighted the long battle, which began with the ‘97 Kennedy-Specter Hate Crimes Bill, has finally come to fruition.
Sen. Arlen Specter, PA.

keithellison: Don’t count on one R vote for HC reform. Party of “NO”.
Rep. Keith Ellison, MN.

chelliepingree: I have late duty in the Speaker’s chair tonight (10-12pm), that’s when you know you’re a freshman…..
Rep. Chellie Pingree, ME.

clairecmc: Driving to Columbia this morning. Missouri’s trees are showing off. Beautiful.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

RepShimkus: Voting now. It is frustrating because these could have easily been done last night. I would not have had to miss my first West Point meeting
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

RepShimkus: We are voting on the Coast Guard Authorization bill. Everyone loves the Coast Guard.
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

GOPLeader: WSJ Op-ed: When Barack Obama promised “a new kind of politics,” most didn’t picture Rahm Emanuel with a baseball bat:
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

SenJohnMcCain: Happy Birthday Meghan, I’m proud of you!!
Sen. John McCain, AZ.

JimDeMint: We’ve stirred up the hornet’s nest, help win this campaign of ideas
Sen. Jim DeMint, SC.

CongJoeWilson: Keep Our Families Healthy: Recently my mother, Roxanne Wilson, contracted the H1N1 flu virus, also known as the swin…
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

CongJoeWilson: Excellent town hall meeting at Oakwood-Windsor Elementary, over 150 well-informed and concerned participants. I am so honed to serve here!
Rep. Joe Wilson, SC.

keithellison: Dr. James Hansen says the “redline for life as we know it” on Earth is 350 ppm; we’re approaching 390. Completely Unsustainable!
Rep. Keith Ellison, MN.

RoyBlunt: Great parade. Met a lot of folks. Robin Carnahan wasn’t there. I simply don’t get how she thinks she can be elected without campaigning.
Rep. Roy Blunt, MN.

SenArlenSpecter: I look forward to enjoying NY cheesecakes, although nothing will be as sweet as the Phillies’ back-to-back titles.
Sen. Arlen Specter, PA.

RepKevinBrady: had a great weekend with local vets and those fighting cancer in our community. Now its time to head back to Washington.
Rep. Kevin Brady, TX.

DanaRohrabacher: I’m for Hoffman, he’ll shake things up in Washington at a time when it really needs to be shaken –
Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, CA.

chelliepingree: Rep. King, like many other Republicans, don’t believe that health care should be a basic right– I have a philosophical disagreement.
Rep. Chellie Pingree, ME.

chelliepingree: Rep. Gohmert uses his own unique titles tonight for bills in front of Congress, like “Crap and Trade” bill and “Health Care Deform.”
Rep. Chellie Pingree, ME.

newtgingrich: Bob mcDonnell’s lead over “big sopender” (his own words) creigh deeds has grown to 55- 44 in washington post poll of likely voters
Newt Gingrich.

SenBillNelson: The future of America’s space program is 3 minutes away from launch.
Sen. Bill Nelson, FL.

SenBillNelson: Weather has stalled Ares launch, stay tuned.
Sen. Bill Nelson, FL.

JudgeCarter: Happy 2,560th birthday, Confucius.
Rep. John Carter, TX.

SenSherrodBrown: Walking home after doing K Olberman on public option. Not sure if I can stand wa
tching 2 Cy Young winners pitching on wrong teams. Sherrod
Sen. Sherrod Brown, OH.

zachwamp: Thanks to the hundreds I heard from yesterday on my birthday. While I was in DC doing the job I was elected to do, my birthday was awesome !
Rep. Zach Wamp, TN.

SenatorMenendez: Will introduce “DIstracted Flying” legislation to prohibit pilots from using non-essential portable electronics while flying.
Sen. Robert Menendez, NJ.

RepKevinBrady: Just recorded a vid for the Breast Health Collaborative of Texas’ Breast Health Summit: what a great group! 2 bad I cant be there in person.
Rep. Kevin Brady, TX.

repblumenauer: It’s Alive!!!
Rep. Earl Blumenauer, OR.

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