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The Guest List: January 2010

A monthly roundup of people we’d like to have over for drinks, food, and conversation.

Rafat Mahmood. With the United States stepping up efforts in Afghanistan, what’s the situation in Pakistan? Ask this well-connected Pakistani-American.

Elizabeth Fowler. Max Baucus’s point person on health care might be able to shed some light on what exactly this health-care bill means.

John Solomon. Are the days of the perennially money-losing Washington Times finally numbered? Ask the former executive editor, who resigned as part of a big shakeup.

Vicki Kennedy. The widow of longtime senator Ted Kennedy and newly appointed Kennedy Center trustee is staying out of the limelight in the race to succeed her husband.

Gary Doer. Canada’s new ambassador to the United States comes to Washington with a reputation for being high-profile—and undiplomatic.

Tracy Mullin. Do holiday sales give any hint of what’s in store for the economy? The head of the National Retail Federation is reading the tea leaves.

This article first appeared in the January 2010 issue of The Washingtonian. For more articles from that issue, click here.

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