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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

As British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said, a week is a long time in politics. Only last Friday, it seemed as if Republicans had accepted the fact that a health-care bill would pass and had resigned themselves to sporadic grumbles about the cost. But with the unexpected and stratospheric victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts, everything changed. And yes, there’s a lot of gloating.

Across the aisle, the Twitterverse is strangely . . . silent. Yes, there are about seven Democrats on Twitter anyway, but out of those only Claire McCaskill seems to have noticed that something rather important has happened. In other news, Jared Polis is more interested in Cindy McCain crossing her husband and supporting gay marriage, John McCain is Team Google, Roy Blunt is doing something with pachyderms, John Cornyn is channelling his inner bard, and everyone loves Martin Luther King Jr. And John Shimkus has finally Tweeted a Bible passage we recognize . . .  from Fried Green Tomatoes.

OrrinHatch: I joined my friend Senator Risch in asking President Obama to recognize all unbeaten NCAA football teams. #utpol
Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah

chelliepingree: Our hearts go out to the people of Haiti and their families in US. We have morning briefing on US assistance to disaster and how to help.
Representative Chellie Pingree, Minnesota.

congbillposey: good news! Citrus Growers pleased with how crops fared in the recent cold snap
Representative Bill Posey, Florida

SenJohnMcCain: Let’s all support Google’s efforts to fight censorship of the internet by the Chinese Government.
Senator John McCain, Arizona

DavidVitter: Did someone say Deuuuuuuuuuuuce? #26 Deuce McAllister rejoins the Saints in time for the playoff run.
Senator David Vitter, Louisiana

RoyBlunt: Spoke today at the St. Louis County Pachyderm meeting and the Bonhomme Federated Republican Women’s Club meeting.
Representative Roy Blunt, Missouri

johnculberson: On my way to Monticello to meet w fellow conserv to coord plan to restore 10th Amend indiv freedom/state sovereignty as Jefferson intended
Representative John Culberson, Texas

johnculberson: Jefferson often said that what the problem was, if you “apply republican principles (i.e. follow the Constit) the knot will untie itself.”
Representative John Culberson, TX.

RepPhilGingrey: If you have a specific question, need information, or need help with an issue please do not hesitate to e-mail me. . .
Representative Phil Gingrey, Georgia

RepShimkus: Ruth 1:16 Ruth said. . .whither thou goest,I will go; and where though logest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God
Representative John Shimkus, Illinois

bobinglis: Glad so many South Carolinians are rallying for life here in Columbia. The years since Roe v. Wade can’t dim the hope of righting the wrong
Representative Bob Inglis, South Carolina

kevinomccarthy: Big day for the McCarthy family! Will be walking my mom down the aisle today for her wedding.
Representative Kevin McCarthy, California

JohnCornyn: Heading back to DC: Once more unto the breach, dear friends
Senator John Cornyn, Texas

SenGillibrand: J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets! Great win for NY.
Senator Kirsten Gilibrand, New York

MarkUdall: Marching in the parade to honor Martin Luther King. I will always be inspired by his vision of hope, faith and equality.
Senator Mark Udall, Colorado

GOPWhip: We are a stronger nation because of Dr. King and I honor his legacy
Representative Eric Cantor, Virginia

jasoninthehouse: 23 nine year olds have been invited to the house for my daughter’s birthday party. Wonder how many are actually going to show up?
Representative Jason Chaffetz, Utah

SteveKingIA: Brown Campaign here in Massachusetts has the feel of a last push presidential caucus run in Iowa. Hundreds of people at Brown rallies.
Representative Steve King, Iowa

SenJohnMcCain: just spoke to Curt Schilling–he is doing a great job in MA but we miss him in AZ!!
Senator John McCain, Arizona

EricCantor: We are doing everything we can to defeat the Democrats’ flawed healthcare takeover bill. It isn’t over yet.
Representative Eric Cantor, Virginia

PeterRoskam: On the House floor. Unemployment at 10 percent and Pelosi has us congratulating schools and sports teams. Unbelievable.
Representative Pete Roskam, Iowa

petehoekstra: Wow!Brown wins in Mass!It is the People’s Seat!It is and always was!
Representative Pete Hoekstra, Michigan

clairecmc: Congratulations to Scott Brown in Massachusetts on a well run race.
Senator Claire McCaskill, Missouri

bobinglis: Wow! Scott Brown wins Mass. The people have been heard over the special interests! Our fabulous constitutional republic corrects its course!
Representative Bob Inglis, South Carolina

clairecmc: With Scott Brown’s victory, I worry about our chances of bringing down healthcare costs & cleaning up bad habits of health ins companies.
Senator Claire McCask
ill, Missouri

ThadMcCotter: After Brown’s upset Senate victory, back in Beantown I’d hate to be the dude who gets stuck with Howie Carr’s bar tab tonight.
Representative Thaddeus McCotter, Michigan

RepJohnShadegg: Any House Dem who votes for Senate bill as is, is finished.
Representative John Shadegg, Arizona

RoyBlunt: My opponent is charging money for her campaign bumper stickers. Ours are free. Get one for your car or truck today:
Representative Roy Blunt, Missouri

jaredpolis: Cindy McCain supports gay marriage: Also John McCain’s daughter
Representative Jared Polis, Colorado

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