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‘The Real World: DC’ Drives Us to the Edge

With our Winter Olympics fever gone, last night we saw the cast members for who they truly are, and dear readers, it wasn’t a pretty picture. Once again, Emily and Ty engaged in combative, Neanderthal-like behavior while Andrew resumed his creepy quest for easy/wasted females willing to embarrass themselves on national television by agreeing to sleep with him—making us feel like some modern-day version of Sisyphus, condemned to witness the same story lines play out over and over again for eternity.

This terrifying thought made us realize that for some time now we’ve been hate-watching this show, and though we’re not quite ready to renounce the Real World: DC just yet, we’re edging close to the precipice. For our sake and the sake of the five people who enjoy reading these recaps, we’re taking this week off. We promise to resume our duties next week through the rest of the season—unless we’re forced to see Ty decked out in white sweatpants and white sandals again. There is only so much we can take.

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