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The Tweet Beat: The Best Congressional Tweets of the Week

Now that the snow’s melting, everyone’s inevitably forced to find other things to talk about. This isn’t a problem for our representatives, who will always be able to tweet at length (or 140 characters anyway) about the most pressing issues of the day— healthcare, gun rights and figure skating.

In other news, it must be an election year or something because tons of people are out there campaigning. Roy Blunt is kicking back in his tour bus, John Boehner is pledging openness when he finally manages to prise that gavel from Nancy Pelosi’s fingers, Bob Inglis is keeping up constituents, Artur Davis is thrilled with his endorsement (whomever it may come from) and Harry Reid is calling out the “unpatriotic” people who oppose him. Jason Chaffetz is stuck at the back of the plane. Kevin Brady is in an ominous sounding “truth squad.” And a very happy birthday to Joe Lieberman.

DarrellIssa  Heading on msnbc live from #cpac. What a great group of energetic young conservatives yaf is!
Rep. Darrell Issa, CA.

Kirk4senate  Congrats to Naperville’s Evan Lysacek on winning the first gold medal in Men’s Figure Skating in 22 years!
Rep. Mark Kirk, IL.

repdonyoung  Sorry Mr. President, Alaska is NOT one big National Park.
Rep. Don Young, AK.

RoyBlunt  Missourians are telling me they want the government to get out of the way so they can create jobs. #RoyBluntBusTour rolls on!
Rep. Roy Blunt, MO.

johnboehner  From the Columbus Dispatch: “Boehner promises openness as speaker” #cpac10
Rep. John Boehner, OH.

bobinglis  Just finished door-to-door on Alpine Way in Greenville. When you begin to get people answering their doors in bathrobes, stop for the night!
Rep. Bob Inglis, SC.

  HYPOCRISY WATCH: Wall St. Journal reports on over a dozen GOP Congresspeople who voted against stimulus and demanded stimulus funds.
Rep. Steve Israel, NY,

ArturDavis  Honored to receive the endorsement of the famous Gee’s Bend Quilters today.
Rep. Artur Davis, AL.

JohnCornyn  RT @sasha2000: @JohnCornyn WHY do you have a GOVERNMENT #JOB? BIG BAD GOVERNMENT? HYPOCRITE! #dscc #dccc #p2 Not to ram things we don’t want
Sen. John Cornyn, TX.

JohnCornyn  Even Texans can appreciate great hockey: Go USA!
Sen. John Cornyn, TX.

jahimes  Presenting to AITE students in Stamford with Capt. Dan Burbank, US astronaut. Can see thrill on kids faces over meeting a spaceman!
Rep. Jim Himes, CT.

RepShimkus  I want to thank everyone who tweeted birthday wishes over the weekend. The Shimkus clan has never been real big into birthdays.
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

jahimes  Last story: Capt. Burbank says everything tastes different in space. He eats rehydrated shrimp cocktail at all three daily meals. Daily?
Rep. Jim Himes, CT.

  19th Anniversary today. Wow. I’m a lucky guy. Thank you, Julie!
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

jasoninthehouse  Unfortunately I am on a flight this morning to DC. Seat 44D is also a bummer….last row. Already smells bad.
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

HarryReid  MGM Mirage CEO Murren: “I think it’s un-Nevadan, unpatriotic, to go against Sen Reid & I will call out those who try.”
Sen. Harry Reid, NV.

RepMikeQuigley  What does taking guns into national parks (where you can’t hunt) have to do with credit card reform? Well, nothing.
Rep. Mike Quigley, IL.

chelliepingree  Back in DC, still a lot of snow, clearly not what it was. I’m still kind of bitter that all this snow never got to Maine, we could use it!
Rep. Chellie Pingree, ME.

MarkWarner  Plsd that 5 GOP Sens put partisanship aside & voted to move forward w/ 1st jobs bill. We have to work tgthr to fix our economy
Sen. Mark Warner, VA.

clairecmc  Congrats to my youngest daughter, dancing Lily, for getting into her first choice for college. She has really worked hard. I’m very proud.
Sen. Claire McCaskill, MO.

RepShimkus  Psalm 133:1 Behold, how good and how pleasing it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!
Rep. John Shimkus, IL.

RandyNeugebauer  President Obama unveiled $950 billion health-care plan. Democrats are set to bypass the Senate filibuster rule to pass the legislation.
Rep. Randy Neugebauer, TX.

DennyRehberg  We don’t give up free speech & press in National Parks, why give up gun rights? Happy 2nd Amendment will be respected in National Parks.
Rep. Denny Rehberg, MT.

RepBillShuster  “Success is the good fortune that comes from asp
iration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration.” – Evan Esar
Rep. Bill Shuster, PA.

Jim_Moran  On my way to meet with Virginia’s new governor, Bob McDonnell. Promises to be an interesting conversation…
Rep. Jim Moran, VA.

ThadMcCotter  New blog – The Crisis of Consent: Republicans Must NOT Abet Obama’s ShamWow! Summit –
Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, MI.

GOPWhip  They say the definition of insanity is to continue to do same thing & expect a different result. The President should take note.
Rep. Eric Cantor, VA.

jasoninthehouse  So glad the House is testing their emergency broadcasting capabilities tonight. They work
Rep. Jason Chaffetz, UT.

Bernanke: “most economists would agree that the stimulus has been important in creating jobs”. But what would they know?
Rep. Jim Himes, CT.

JoeLieberman  Celebrating my birthday with staff & Hadassah this afternoon – they threw a Sinatra “My Way” themed birthday party in our office
Sen. Joe Lieberman, CT.

JohnEnsign  The president is putting on a phony show at the white house tomorrow. Don’t be fooled.
Sen. John Ensign, NV.

RepKevinBrady  is proud to be a member of the GOP Truth Squad. Our task is to get the real facts out during the President’s Photo-Op Summit tomorrow.
Rep. Kevin Brady, TX.

SenJohnMcCain  northernarizonauniversity
Sen. John McCain, AZ.

CongressmanGT  WH #Healthcare Summit or Plummet? It all depends on whether the President brings a whiteboard to start over or.a hammer to bully bad ideas!
Rep. Glenn Thompson, PA.

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