The Cupcake Cup: Something Sweet vs. Chatman’s D’Vine Bakery & Cafe

We've kicked off our contest to determine the best cupcake in Washington. Vote for your favorite sweet treat!

In our first true neck-and-neck Cupcake Cup battle, which took place yesterday, we finally have a winner: Edibles Incredible squeaked out a win over Baltimore Cupcake Co. Congrats! The Hello Cupake vs. Caboose Cafe face-off is going on still, can you can vote on that here.

Click below for today's afternoon matchup.

(Also don't forget to enter our contest: Guess the outcome of the Cupcake Cup from the Sweet 16 through the winner. E-mail with the subject “Cupcake Cup” by Friday, March 5. The winner who comes closest to guessing all the slots will win a tasty prize.)

Something Sweet: Meghan Blair recently opened Something Sweet bakery in DC’s Cleveland Park. You can get the basic cupcakes every day—chocolate, vanilla and red velvet with cream cheese frosting—but on different days of the week the bakery serves up special flavors like maltball, Oreo, or coconut/almond. 

Chatman's D'Vine Bakery & Cafe: This Shaw bakery, which opened up in the ground floor of the DC Convention Center, offers up piles of Southern sweets. Their signature? The Red Velvet cupcake.

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This poll will close at 2 PM on Thursday.

*To help keep this contest fair, we’ve elected to use an IP address-based poll. This means that if you are voting from an office or network setting, not everybody will be able to vote. We apologize for the inconvenience, but we hope you’ll encourage coworkers to vote from their home computers.