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Tweet Beat: Memorial Day Edition

Bikes, bruin burgers, basketball and BP in lawmakers’ Twitter feeds.

Something’s up with Pete Hoekstra. We haven’t seen this many exclamation points since we last read our teenage diary entries. Sure, Newt Gingrich is pretty exciting, and biking and parades are always fun, but Badger Cruises? We don’t know what they are, but they sound distinctly dubious, and if that’s what’s making Representative Hoekstra so giddy, we’ll stay away, thank you.

In other news, it was Memorial Day last weekend, and both Randy Forbes and John McCain found themselves in the company of bikers. We had no idea that Forbes was a biker, but because he’s a member of the Congressional Motorcycle Safety Caucus, we’ll assume that Rolling Thunder went by helmeted and without a hitch. John McCain is extending Proud Parent Week, John Shimkus has no truck with the NHS, Lisa Murkowski is at a crab fest, Neil Abercrombie wants his cats to get on Twitter, and Barbara Boxer is re-tweeting the love.

FrankPallone  I voted in favor of repealing Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and am proud of my colleagues in the House that joined me in doing so. 
Representative Frank Pallone, NJ.

Rep_Giffords  Doughnut holes are 4 eating, not 4 falling into-Seniors in RX doughnut hole to receive $250 rebate checks in 2 weeks! 
Representative Gabrielle Giffords, AZ.

Randy_Forbes  New Post: Rolling Thunder Ride for Freedom – I’m excited to share with you that I will be riding at the head of the… 
Representative Randy Forbes, VA.

jahimes  on Foor listening to Alan Grayson ask Ron Paul about his vote against DADT. Nonwage benefit of job. 
Representative Jim Himes, CT.

JudgeCarter  Wishing everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend. Don’t forget what it’s really about it. God bless.  
Representative John Carter, TX.

jaredpolis  Gary Coleman dead at 42  
Representative Jared Polis, CO.

petehoekstra  Get ready for a fantastic week! Biking! Parade! More Biking! Newt! Mike Farris! Badger Cruise and something really special coming soon! 
Representative Pete Hoekstra, MI.

  I’m so proud of my daughter Bridget who graduated from high school today. Congratulations Bridget!!!  
Senator John McCain, AZ

SenJohnMcCain  Me and Bridget at her graduation last night in Phoenix. I’m so proud of her!!  
Senator John McCain, AZ.

lisamurkowski  From Lisa – I just had a bruin burger and am watching the survival suit races at crab fest in Kodiak. Liquid sunshine – life is good!  
Senator Lisa Murkowski, AZ.

SenJohnMcCain  Going to @PhoenixSuns game tonight! @the_real_nash says we are going to win and go back to LA. Go Suns!!  
Senator John McCain, AZ.

DavidVitter  Enormously disappointing news that BP’s top kill effort did not work to close #oilspill. They must immediately begin next attempt.  
Senator David Vitter, LA.

Randy_Forbes  Ready to ride. Let us never forget what has been sacrificed for our freedom.  
Representative Randy Forbes, VA.

SenJohnMcCain  Honored to be escorted by the Prescott/Prescott Valley American Legion Riders!!  
Senator John McCain, AZ.

TomRooney  Happy Memorial Day to our troops, vets & families. Pls honor the brave men & women who made the ultimate sacrifice defending the USA.  
Representative Tom Rooney, FL.

Daniel_Inouye  Senator Inouye is enjoying lunch at On On at McCully Street.  
Senator Daniel Inouye, HI.

  Politico. Obama’s pick to run CMMS Donald Berwick is a pediatrician and Harvard professor with a self-professed “love” of the British system  
Representative John Shimkus, IL.

virginiafoxx  Always very patriotic crowd in Alleghany. Love being there. THese folks “get it” year in and year out. We owe many thanks  
Representative Virginia Foxx, NC.

MarkUdall  Anyone driving I-70 over the Rockies can see the gravity of the bark beetle epidemic.  
Senator Mark Udall, CO.

DarrellIssa  Did a great Rolling Stone interview on Team Oversight’s MMS/#oilspill investigation from my motorcycle on the 15. I’ll share when posted  
Representative Darrell Issa, CA.

  POTUS just said only way to promote investment in clean energy is to raise cost of energy, taxing everything you buy or produce.  
Representative Tom Price, GA.

petehoekstra  Great events with Newt!The rally was awesome!The fundraiser went very well!The momentum is good! Thanks to everybody. Let’s keep working!!  
Representative Pete Hoekstra, MI.

neilabercrombie  Did anyone see this article about a tweeting cat collar? What do you think? Both my pets could use one….  
Representative Neil Abercrombie, HI.

Boxer_2010  RT @ahuntre I just love Barbara Boxer.  
Senator Barbara Boxer, CA.

FrankPallone  Republicans continue to lobby against Wall St reform despite @CNN poll showing majority of Americans support Wall Street reform legislation.  
Representative Frank Pallone, NJ.

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