Top Chef: Alumni Predictions—Episode 4

Throughout the season, we’re asking local Top Chef alumni for their predictions on upcoming episodes. Read what Mike Isabella (season six) has to say about being a judge in this week’s episode and who his picks are to go far in the competition.

Photograph courtesy of Bravo TV.

Wow. Dessert is a killer on Top Chef. Did you think to practice your dessert skills before coming on the show?
“Yes, I did practice a few that I knew would be easy for me to execute.”

In last week’s episode, it looked like Tracey started to go a little nuts. Did you get really stressed out very quickly when you were on the show?
“Not at all. The goal was to get to the finals, so I got stressed when they sent me home.”

Every year, it seems like there’s a bottom-dweller group that everyone knows is the first to go. Who do you think is in that group this season?
“Well, I picked these last three [John, Jacqueline, and Tracey] to go early, so I’m looking good so far. I can’t see Lynne making it too much further.”

From the trailers, it looks like you’re a judge this week. What was it like to be on the other side of the table?
“It felt great to be on the other side—there’s no stress. It’s hard to put people’s food down, but it’s a competition, and if it’s not right, you have to let them know.”

Who would you pick to be the final four on the show? And who’s going to win?
“Angelo, Kevin, Kelly, and Ed. They have the best backgrounds, and I think Kevin will pull through.”

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