Top Chef: Alumni Predictions—Episode 5

Throughout the season, we’ve been asking local Top Chef alumni for their predictions on upcoming episodes. Here’s what season six contestant and Volt chef Bryan Voltaggio has to say about last week’s challenge, the Kenny/Angelo tension, and who has a winn

Voltaggio was a judge last week. Photograph courtesy of Bravo TV.

What was it like to be a judge last week? Was it hard to tear people apart knowing what that feels like?

“It was a great experience to witness what we went through as contestants. To see the stress and flurry of the competition from the other side was also kind of relaxing. I did, however, want to jump off the chair a few times and start putting up my own dishes.”

What did you think of the Kelly/Andrea team winning the whole thing when they were in the bottom tier for the breakfast and lunch challenges?

“I was thinking that a winner would be chosen from the first ‘safe’ teams. Even though I really liked the format of this challenge, I didn’t like how the winner was chosen. The worst competitors are given a chance to win all. Heck, in my competition, I won plenty of challenges, and I’m not going to Spain.”

What was your favorite dish of that day?

“The short ribs that Kenny/Kevin put up and the dish Kelly and Andrea made.”

The show is making Angelo and Kenny out to be enemies. Based on what you saw, is that really the case?

“I don’t think so. I know Kenny, and he’s a real pro. I think he may be caught in Angelo’s game a bit. He seems to be trying to throw others off by getting in their heads.”

Looking ahead, who’s not going to last much longer on the show? Why?

“It’s hard to tell. In this game, anyone can have good and bad days.”


Who would you pick to be in the final four? Who’s going to take home the title of Top Chef?

“Again, still early. I really like Kevin and Kenny for their composure. They’re both solid in technique, which gives them an edge over someone who may push the envelope and fail. Angelo has proven he has some skill and seems to deliver well-composed dishes. Tamesha also has the classic technical skill, blended with some forward thinking—she has the package to win. She’s also home team for me, so she has my vote.”

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