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Jack Goes from Prison to Pizzeria

Superlobbyist turned fraudster Jack Abramoff's new job.

Before going to jail on corruption and other charges, superlobbyist Jack Abramoff could often be seen wining and dining powerbrokers at his former expense-account restaurant, Signatures, in downtown DC. Now out of prison, he can be found working at the Baltimore kosher joint Tov Pizza. Owner Ron Rosenbluth, who has hired other employees out of prison, says, “It’s not new for us to give people a second chance.” Here’s how the restaurants compare.


Abramoff’s role: Owner    
On the menu: Cashew-crusted chicken breast
Typical dinner bill for two: $140
Decor: Walls plastered with celebrity autographs and historic documents, including a copy of Richard Nixon's pardon. JFK's rocking chair sat in a glass case.
Clientele: Lobbyists, lawyers, and lawmakers.  Regulars include include former Republican congressman Bob Ney and Tom Delay.
Location: Blocks from the Capitol on Pennsylvania Avenue


Abramoff’s role: Developing a new marketing plan    
On the menu: Kosher pizza with toppings such as soy meatballs and vegetarian pepperoni
Typical dinner bill for two: $20
Decor: “We have tables and chairs,” Rosenbluth says.
Clientele:  Mostly Jewish families. Regulars include many local rabbis.
Location: The heart of Baltimore’s Jewish community

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