Who Makes How Much: Health Care Professionals

Here's what Washingtonians get paid for the work they do

The Washington region is home to more than 50 hospitals, six medical schools, and 200,000-plus physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other health-care workers.

Here are median salaries for a selection of medical and surgical specialties in the Eastern United States according to the American Medical Group Association. Given Washington’s relative affluence, the salaries probably are higher here.

Anesthesiology, $343,935.

Cardiology, $345,082.

Dermatology, $349,501.

Emergency medicine, $259,778.

Endocrinology, $206,070.

General surgery, $312,427.

Internal medicine, $214,983.

Neurology, $227,601.

Obstetrics/gynecology, $263,817.

Ophthalmology, $308,308.

Orthopedic surgery, $445,921.

Pediatrics, $203,035.

Plastic and reconstructive surgery, $350,343.

Psychiatry, $186,500.

Hospital Administrators
Kenneth A. Samet,
president, MedStar Health (Washington Hospital Center, Georgetown University Hospital, National Rehabilitation Hospital, and others), $2,647,227.

Edwin K. Zechman Jr., president, Children’s National Medical Center, $1,987,629.

Robert L. Sloan, president, Sibley Memorial Hospital, $1,821,899.

J. Knox Singleton, CEO, Inova Health System, $1,721,435.

Brian A. Gragnolati, president, Suburban Hospital, $1,495,323.

Larry Warren, CEO, Howard University Hospital, $640,625.

James B. Cole, president, Virginia Hospital Center, $556,942.

Hospital Staff Physicians
William L. Thomas,
chief medical officer, MedStar Health, $1,307,944. 

Roger J. Packer,neurology, Children’s National Medical Center, $860,382.

Edward Eder, internal medicine, Inova Health System, $197,885.

Sonia Thomas, child and adolescent psychiatry, Inova Health System, $195,994.

John J. Kirkpatrick, surgery chair, Washington Hospital Center, $624,371.

Barry Byer, family practice, Virginia Hospital Center, $445,965.

Robert Mordkin, urology, Virginia Hospital Center, $374, 938.

Orthon Wiltz, colon and rectal surgery, Virginia Hospital Center, $433,554,

James L. Scott, dean, George Washington University School of Medicine, $567,435.

Chiledum Ahaghotu, urology, Howard University Hospital, $431,173.

Blair M. Eig, pediatrics, Holy Cross Hospital, $375,982.

Ann B. Burke, medical director, Women and Infants’ Services, Holy Cross Hospital, $291,502.

Other Health Professionals
Physician assistant,
National Institutes of Health, $123,269.

Nurse, Veterans Health Administration, $117,418.

Physical therapist, National Institutes of Health, $74,449.

Retail pharmacist, CVS, $132,000.

This feature first appeared in the November 2010 issue of The Washingtonian.


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