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Tweet Beat: Subliminal-Messages Edition

Chinese C130s, Navy birthdays, and death and taxes

It’s quite a challenge to place hidden messages into 140-character tweets. But this week, members of Congress rise to the occasion. Dana Rohrabacher tries to revive the fear of Communism. John McCain supports extraterrestrial salad bars, and Lynn Jenkins insists that American businesses are under attack . . . by Americans. Also this week, George Miller talks concussions with the NFL. Roy Blunt hits one of this blogger’s favorite hometown burger joints. And Richard Burr hands over his campaign to high schoolers.

Representative Dana Rohrabacher: @DanaRohrabacher Obama broke ban on military sales by selling C130s to Red China, a betrayal of freedom in China & our national security.

Red China . . . of course! Because when I think “Red Communism” I think of the world’s fastest-growing economy.

Representative George Miller: @askgeorge I posted 8 photos on Facebook in the album “Concussion Awareness w/ Pinole Valley and NFL”

Congressman, I have no idea what I’d be in for if I opened a photo album entitled “Concussion Awareness,” but I’m pretty sure I’m not going to try and find out.

Senator Richard Burr: @burrforsenate BurrHQ taken over by volunteers from Bishop McGuinness High School! Thanks for your help #ncsen

That’s one way to keep costs down.

Senator John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain Driving through Gila Bend on my way to Phoenix from Yuma. Check out the space age lodge!

I guess Best Western doesn’t deserve a shout-out?

Senator candidate Roy Blunt: @RoyBlunt Enjoyed a great meal at Winstead’s in Kansas City–and bumped into my granddaughter Eva!

Two things of note in this tweet: (1) The candidate appreciates a good steak burger. (2) He seems to have lost track of his family members. (P.S. Mr. Blunt, did you order a 50/50? What about a skyscraper soda?)

Representative Chris Lee: @chrislee_ny26 Happy 235th birthday to the U.S. #Navy!

Is the entire Navy invited to the party? I must admit, just thinking of a cake big enough to feed everyone and a carrier big enough to hold it makes me queasy.

Representative Lynn Jenkins: @RepLynnJenkins Why is it that Democrats are so quick to attack American businesses?

Because they have the nicest stuff for looting?

Senator Jim DeMint: @JimDeMint Momentum continues to build to fully repeal the immoral death tax

But you’re still fully behind the moral death tax, right?

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