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Tweet Beat: Taking-Care-of-Business Edition

Tax cuts, recidivism rates, and congressional salaries in this week’s Congressional tweets

With only a limited amount of time left before their holiday break, members of Congress outlined everything they want to get done this week. John Cornyn sets his sights on Gitmo detainees and relapses, Eric Cantor asks constituents for budget advice, and Republicans come out in opposition to dreams.

Senator John Cornyn: @JohnCornyn
1/4 of Gitmo detainees return to the fight

How many Americans that are incarcerated in the penal system return to a life of crime?

Senator Lindsey Graham: @GrahamBlog
about to go on Fox News to discuss the recidivism rate of GITMO detainees, the tax cut agreement, and the DREAM Act. #sctweets #scpol #fox

Well, well, well . . . I see somebody studied his SAT words this morning.

Representative Eric Cantor: @GOPWhip
What would #YouCut? Take 5 minutes to tell Congress how you’d cut spending in Washington: #tcot

Are Congressional salaries an option?

Representative Virginia Foxx: @virginiafoxx
I voted against the DREAM Act (which passed the House last night). It offered amnesty with no border security.

Representative Mike Honda: @RepMikeHonda
Was proud to vote yes on #DREAMact last night. It represents all that is good with this country: equality, opportunity and the future.

Same bill, same country, very different lawmakers.

Representative Lynn Jenkins: @RepLynnJenkins
Interesting. . .Kansas may soon have an official state fossil added to our state symbols

You mean other than Pat Roberts?

Representative Dana Rohrabacher: @DanaRohrabacher Hurrah! An historic step for human transportation RT @SpaceXer: SpaceX is the first commercial company to reenter a spacecraft from space!

Next thing you know, we’ll all be zipping around like Captain Eo.

Representative Chellie Pingree: @chelliepingree Listening to the VP make the case for the House tax cut deal. I’m still opposed.

But at least you’re listening.

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