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Tweet Beat: "Too Soon?" Edition

Sports victories sour, snow falls on a senator, and politics for breakfast

It’s been a week of poor timing. Some members of Congress, such as John McCain and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, celebrated sports victories prematurely, while Orrin Hatch celebrated the insanely early arrival of winter. And that’s not to mention Michael Burgess, who asked constituents to rise before the sun to hear him on radio. Also this week, Nathan Deal chooses a side in the great Waffle House/IHOP debate, Jared Polis tears Fox News a new one, Eric Cantor calls on “the People,” and Pete King decides to throw in his lot with the cuddliest of radio hosts . . . Don Imus?

Senator John McCain: @SenJohnMcCain Anderson back in, can the #Cards come back? I hope so. . .

They couldn’t.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: @RosLehtinen Oh Dolphins are so very close in 4th quarter: 20-19 vs Pitt Steelers!! 12 minutes left in a 1 point game! GO FINS!

They didn’t.

Senatorial candidate Richard Burr: @burrforsenate One week to Victory! Read our latest blog post on Road to Victory tour, early voting, GOTV now: #ncsen #nc

There’s an idiom—what is it?—something about eggs and counting and hatching, I think.

Senator Orrin Hatch: @OrrinHatch Beautiful morning, first snow of the year. Yet another reason I love being a Utahn.

Average that with the weather in Washington and you’ll have a perfect, crisp October.

Representative Jason Chaffetz: @jasoninthehouse Snowing at home. Love it!!

Don’t encourage him.

Representative Jason Chaffetz: @jasoninthehouse And it kept snowing. Our backyard.

I mean it, Chaffetz!

Representative Michael Burgess: @michaelcburgess If you’re up early tomorrow morning, catch an interview with me at 4:37am on WFAA during the 4:30-5am Daybreak newscast.

Congressman, I’m all for being civically involved. But at 4:30 in the morning? Not gonna happen.

Gubernatorial candidate Nathan Deal: @VoteDeal Talking with supporters at the Waffle House in Cedartown #RealJobsfor4GA #gagov #gapolitics

Candidate Deal’s opponent was later seen interacting with supporters at the local International House of Pancakes.

Representative Dennis Kucinich: @Dennis_Kucinich 8 Days until election day–I need your support, please visit to volunteer or make a donation!

He really does need some help.

Representative Jared Polis: @jaredpolis Bumper sticker on the car ahead of me in Boulder: Fox News—We’ll make you dumb and mean

Oh, snap! Fox News was just schooled by the freshman representative from Colorado!

Representative Mary Bono Mack: @MaryBonoMack I posted 6 photos on Facebook in the album “Meg & Mary Meet & Greet”

Meet and greet each other? Meet and greet yourselves?

Representative Jeff Flake: @JeffFlake 30.6 billion tickets to a World Series game would need to be sold to pay down America’s $13 trillion debt.

Though I’m sure Bud Selig appreciates your thoughts on additional revenue . . .

Representative Ted Poe: @JudgeTedPoe Was named a “Champion of National Security” by The Center for Security Policy. Received a score of 100%: #TCOT #TX02

Is posting something like this to Twitter the modern equivalent of tacking gold-star-riddled homework to your parents’ refrigerator?

Representative Eric Cantor: @EricCantor It is time for us to put the People back in charge, and make sure that Washington starts working for the People again.

Which People? This People? These People?

Representative Pete King: @RepPeteKing Will appear on Imus in the Morning (WABC Radio-770AM & Fox Business News) tomorrow at 6:30am.

Oh, yeah, because there’s no way that could go wrong.

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