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Tweet Beat: Urging Edition

Harry Reid goes Gaga, Virginia Foxx goes for nullification, and Tammy Baldwin says, “Go team!”

There was a whole lot of urging going on in Congress this week. Senators and representatives urging one another to vote for or against the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the START Treaty, the DREAM Act, and others. Harry Reid urges the world to consider a potential friendship between him and Lady Gaga, Pedro Pierluisi compels people to brush up on their high-school Spanish, and Pete King has himself a cable-news sandwich.

Senator Harry Reid : @SenatorReid @ladygaga We did it! #DADT is a thing of the past.

The military can finally get rid of its strategic supply of poker faces.

Governor Neil Abercrombie: @neilabercrombie Gov. Abercrombie Appoints David M. Louie as Attorney General

. . . and board shorts as official outerwear.

Representative Tammy Baldwin: @RepTammyBaldwin House floor video of my resolution honoring @BadgerFootball is up:

Yes, that’s all well and good. But did it pass?

Representative Pedro Pierluisi: @pedropierluisi Estaré en vivo ahora a las 11:20am por Wapa TV (Canal 4)

Come on, Congressman! You know I don’t speak French.

Representative Virginia Foxx: @virginiafoxx New push for amendment to allow states to repeal federal laws: What do you think of this idea?

See, I didn’t think it worked that way. Because what if, say, the government of Alaska decided that treaties with Russia were nonbinding?

Senator Daniel Inouye: @Daniel_Inouye Food-safety measure passes Senate Sunday.

The bill was subtitled “A Bill for Safer and Better Brunching Everywhere.”

Representative Pete King: @RepPeteKing Will appear on @foxnews at 2:30pm, @CNN at 5:25pm and @seanhannity at 9pm to discuss hearings on radicalization of Muslim Americans.

A CNN sandwich with toasted Fox bread?

Representative Thaddeus McCotter: @ThadMcCotter Congratulations #DetroitLions for persevering and triumphing! Lions are a team on the rise! @andylevy

With a record of 4 and 10, it’s hard to do anything but rise, don’t you think?

Representative Jeff Miller: @CongJeffMiller Please sign up for my constituent newsletter to stay current on issues before Congress that impact you. . . .

Well, I’m from Kansas, so . . .

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