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Tweet Beat: Repeal Edition

Real Housewives’ hairdressers, Quidditch Clubs, and health-care hubris

Congress is back in session, and with it returns the usual back-and-forth on government spending and job creation. As House Republicans voted to repeal the health-care-reform law, the Twitterverse has been filled with notes of support and opposition. Washington also earned itself a dubious distinction, and there may soon be a new way to get your fix of every Real Housewife’s favorite hairdresser.

Paul Wharton: @PaulWharton If you’re a model in NYC that’s having trouble making it and you want to be on a new show, submit to today…

Paul Wharton’s Next Top Model? We’d watch.

Senator Lisa Murkowski:  @lisamurkowski  
Met with the Service High School Quidditch Club. Inspirational!

Amazingly, the picture is even stranger than the tweet itself.

Representative Rob Wittman: @RobWittman
What do you think? Is social media effective in communicating with Congress?…

Using social media to ask about the effectiveness of social media? Perhaps not the best way to get unbiased results.

Representative Thaddeus McCotter: @ThadMcCotter
More Braking News: RT @DCnewskat: TX Trans Inst: DC drivers spend 70 hrs a year stopped in traffic. #1 in America.

About time we came in first in something.

Representative Joe Wilson: @CongJoeWilson

Representative Keith Ellison @keithellison
Republican Repeal bill is political theater. Not changing law. Law remains solid.

These last two tweets sum up about 99 percent of congressional Twitter feeds for the last three days.

Senator Chuck Grassley: @ChuckGrassley
FYI: Nrg = energy

Nothing like an Internet lingo lesson from a 77-year-old.

Representative Jim Himes: @jahimes  
Visiting senior centers for MLK Day. Rules #1,#2 and #3 for visitors: DO NOT interrupt bingo.

Considering that the real first rule of bingo is that you don’t talk about bingo, that’s probably sound advice.

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