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Washington Reads: February Edition

This month's choices give us a little-known city and behind-the-scenes looks into the rise of presidents.

In this well-researched historical work, Georgetown University Professor Charles King delivers a narrative about Ukraine's city of Odessa as if it was a fictional place. The work also makes a case for diversity as an appropriate gauge of a city's greatness, even it the unity within such diversity turns out to be a volatile thing.

Read a full review of Odessa.

In light of the release of O, the latest "insider" revelation about the Obama administration, The Washingtonian takes a second look at the original anonymous political tell-all: Joe Klein's 1996 satire, Primary Colors, based on the Clinton campaign.

Read a full review of Primary Colors.

Ronald Regan's youngest, and perhaps most dissimilar child, writes of his cross-country journey through his father's old haunts, where he gathers accounts and details of Reagan's life before the White House. The resulting narrative chronicles Ron's attempt at uncovering "the enduring mystery" of who his father really was.

Read a full review of My Father at 100

This article first appeared in the February 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.

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