Out of the Ballpark: DC-3

The folks behind Matchbox’s mini-burgers and pizzas have added to their portfolio a place called DC-3. Think of it as a glorified hot-dog stand. The uncomfortable chairs and chilly atmosphere drive home the message that you’re to get in and get out, and so do the dogs, which despite their snappy titles and beguiling combinations—the Bay Bridge is topped with Maryland crab dip and a shake of Old Bay—seldom justify their prices.

A recent stop-by for two people—four hot dogs, an order of crinkle fries, and two drinks—cost more than $30. The best of the bunch was a dog topped with Cincinnati chili and shredded cheese. It was also one of the simplest concoctions on the long menu. Most dogs were buried under a blitz of toppings or, worse, drowning in goopy, mayo-based sauces.

This is an excerpt from an April 2011 story called Out of the Ballpark. To see the rest of the article and a photo slideshow of hot dogs, click here.