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The Daily Ask: How Will the Google Maps/WMATA Integration Change Your Life?

Washingtonian asked its followers and friends about the Google Maps/WMATA integration

Washingtonian has started a new feature called "The Daily Ask." Each day, we'll ask readers on Facebook and Twitter what they think about a particular topic. The best responses will be posted on the Web site the next day.

Yesterday, we asked, "How will the new Google Maps/WMATA integration change how you get around?"

Most of you were pretty unimpressed. WMATA held out for two and a half years, and now that they finally gave in, Washingtonian's readers responded with, "Meh."

Facebook Talks About the Google Maps/WMATA Integration:

Now for tomorrow’s question! What’s the most annoying tourist run-in you’ve had so far? Answer on Twitter or Facebook.

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