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Apps for iPhone: A Washington Wishlist

A list of apps Washingtonians would love that have yet to be invented. Hey developers, get on it!

Many Washingtonians have been addicted to the BlackBerry, the PDA of choice for lots of busy people, but a number of shiny new local applications—such as Bluebrain’s new National Mall app (available May 30), which provides a musical soundtrack to accompany walks around the Mall—are helping the iPhone in its quest for total domination. For those who still need persuading, here are some dream-app ideas that might do the trick.

Barack’s Snack Track
Dream of grabbing a burger with POTUS? The Snack Track keeps a real-time map updated with the President’s restaurant visits so you can rush to Five Guys the next time his motorcade drops by for lunch. Snack Track Pro includes Michelle and other White House foodies.

What's My Line?
Nobody likes wasting a lunch hour standing in line. This traffic-light-themed app keeps tabs on the length of lines at places such as Sweetgreen, Georgetown Cupcake, and Trader Joe’s so you’ll always know the right time to drop by. 

Help Teddy!
He might be unfairly treated at Nationals Park, but in this Racing Presidents game you can steer Teddy to victory on a variety of different courses.

Not a Starbucks
Not everyone loves Frappuccinos. This app tracks your geographical location and helps direct you to a nearby coffee shop that isn’t a Starbucks. May not work in Arlington.

Ssshh Metro
As any Metro rider knows, the worst part of the commute is listening to other people’s music when you’re trying to read. This audio-device blocker emits a high-frequency signal that freezes any music player over a certain decibel level.

This article appears in the June 2011 issue of The Washingtonian.

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