A National Dance Day for National Mall; Which Politician Had the Worst Monday?: Morning Links

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A National Dance Day for the National Mall: Following the most recent round of protest dance flash mobs at the Jefferson Memorial, DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton has announced she will host a National Dance Day July 30 on the National Mall, this time with permits, to encourage what Norton sees as "a virtual call for more participatory activities and events on the Mall." In a press release, Norton says she's lined up Nigel Lythgoe from So You Think You Can Dance along with support from the Dizzy Feet Foundation and the Larry King Cardiac Foundation for her event, and plans to introduce a resolution once Congress is back in session. The Examiner has more

Can Weiner Survive in Congress? New York Congressman Anthony Weiner's surreal press conference Monday, during which he admitted to sending a lewd picture of his crotch on Twitter and to carrying on sexually charged relationships with at least six women over the Internet during the last several years, continues to be the day's big talker. At the Post, Greg Sargent warns that he doesn't see this one dying down anytime soon. Meanwhile the Atlantic's Conor Friedersdorf argues that "a politician's sexual fidelity in marriage, or his sexual behavior generally, doesn't reliably tell us anything about the integrity he demonstrates when acting in his official capacity. Nor is our moral culture elevated when we focus on these scandals." House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has called for an ethics investigation into Weiner. 

A Wild Day at JAWB: Not to be outdone by the theatrics coming out of Congress, DC's city hall held its own Monday in the contest for the biggest circus in town. First up was the long-awaited testimony of also-ran mayoral candidate Sulaimon Brown, who has accused DC Mayor Vince Gray of a quid pro quo arrangement that resulted in cash payments and an eventual city job so that Brown would keep up his public attacks on Gray's rival, former mayor Adrian Fenty. Do read Marc Fisher on Brown's bizarre decision to wear sunglasses throughout his testimony, but don't miss the play-by-play from Loose Lips (complete with animated gif!) and the Examiner's Freeman Klopott.

But that's not all, folks. Monday was also a bad day for Ward 5 Council member Harry Thomas, Jr., who now stands accused by the city's own attorney general of funneling as much at $400,000 in public funds into his own pocket. DCist has the full lawsuit for your reading pleasure, and City Paper has the quote from Thomas's press conference, during which the councilman maintained his innocence and vowed not to resign. TBD also has a nice rundown of the astonishing day at the John A. Wilson Building.

Police Officer Arrested in Death of Woman and Infant: DC police officer Richmond Diallo Binns Phillips has been arrested and charged with murder in the deaths of Wynetta Wright, 20, and her infant daughter, whose bodies were discovered late last week in Temple Hills. Prosecutors say Phillips had been scheduled to take a court-ordered paternity test to determine if one-year-old Jaylin Wright was his daughter, the Washington Times reports.

Virginia Church Robbed: The Christ Is Lord Ministry in Woodbridge was robbed just before noon on Sunday, right as the collection was being counted, the Post reports. Prince William County police said the robber got in through an unlocked rear door and made off with an undisclosed sum. Two men have since been arrested in connection with the crime.

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