Metro Bomb Scare Evacuation Should Have Been More Orderly; No Shorts for Capitol Police: Morning Links

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Evacuation Issues During Red Line Bomb Scare: WMATA is commending passengers for alerting the train operator during the bomb scare that led to major delays on the Red Line Monday morning. But it's also scolding them for the manner in which they evacuated the train, the Examiner's Kytja Weir reports. After pushing their way out of the train, about 35 passengers hiked along the tracks to Twinbrook, forcing Metro to shut down the third rail in that area, thus compounding train delays during the incident. Passengers should never evacuate onto the tracks on their own, according to a WMATA spokesperson.

MLK, Jr. Sculpture Completed for Memorial: The sculpture that will eventually be the centerpiece of the forthcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is now complete, WUSA9 reports.  Chinese artist Lei Yi Xin has now put the finishing touches on the nearly 30-foot sculpture, which is scheduled to be dedicated in August. 

DC Could Still See a Tax Hike: The DC Council is set to vote on the 2012 budget for the final time today, but not before Ward 3 Councilmember Mary Cheh is poised to introduce a last-ditch effort to raise income taxes on the city's wealthiest residents. Cheh may move forward with an amendment today that would create a new 8.9 percent income tax bracket for those earning $400,000 or more. She's only expected to introduce her amendment, however, if a competing amendment seeking to preserve the existing income tax exemption on bonds already held by District residents from Ward 2's Jack Evans fails. Mike DeBonis has more.

Capitol Police Barred From Wearing Shorts: Roll Call has the details of a new rule for US Capitol Police officers who are detailed to the Capitol building itself: No shorts, no matter how hot it gets. The decision apparently stems from a feeling held by top brass that shorts-clad officers look silly carrying large automatic rifles. Which, let's be honest, they almost certainly do. But is that a good enough reason to force them to wear long pants outside all day in August? 

Mall Security Guard Accused of Running Prostitutes: A security guard at Westfield Wheaton Mall has been arrested and charged with running a prostitution business, FOX5 reports. Charging documents say Cooper Kweme he has been pimping out girls since October of 2010, using his job as a security guard at Westfield Wheaton Mall to lure young girls into the business. 

Bears Spotted in Fairfax County: Somebody alert Stephen Colbert! Four black bear sightings were reported in Great Falls and North Reston on Thursday and Friday, a possible sign of an uptick in the number of "soulless, godless, rampaging killing machines" in the greater metro area. Before you get too worried, though, Fairfax County police say is actually pretty normal for this time of year, the Fairfax Times reports.

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