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Taylor Gourmet Adds the Mayo: Morning Links

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Assault With A Power Line: The winner for the weirdest local news story yesterday goes to an altercation in Silver Spring in which an attorney allegedly attacked a man with a live power line that was downed in last weekend’s storms. Just watch the report from Pat Collins. It’s worth the three minutes of your time, if only for the reenactment.

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Add the Mayo: Our long local nightmare is over. Taylor Gourmet will now add mayo and spicy brown mustard to your sandwich if you ask them. 

Too Much, the Magic Bus: IMP is launching a new bus service that will service car-less concert goers heading to Merriweather Post Pavilion. Tickets are $40 for a round trip. Yes, $40. The City Paper has all the details.

Straight Out of Law & Order: Attorneys for Brittany Norwood, the suspect in that brutal Lululemon killing in Bethesda, tried to blame the crime on the fact that Norwood is a soccer player and “took too many headers.”

Bob Barker Weighs In: Bob Barker—yes, that Bob Barker—has weighed in on Rockville’s burgeoning deer problem. So what if he lives in California? “I help animals in every state of the union and other countries as well,” he told the Washington Post. “If I can be of help here, I will.”

Briefly Noted: Bucking the recent trend, foreclosures in D.C. dropped last month . . . Minibar is back on today. The first available reservations, however, are in October.

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