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Back in the News: Newt Gingrich’s Missing Tweets, Preserved!

Back in May, Gingrich made news for deleting his Twitter archives. But Twitter’s delete button is no match for The Washingtonian. Now that he's the new GOP frontrunner, it's worth remembering those tweets.

Back in March, when Newt Gingrich was presumably mulling over his presidential prospects, Daily Kos reported that somebody had erased the majority of Gingrich’s Twitter archives. Not only is this a tragedy for the Library of Congress, which will no longer be able to add Newt’s musings on Japanese food, Ronald Reagan, and Wii bowling to the annals of history, but it’s a tragedy for us: Gingrich’s Twitter feed offered frequently hilarious insight into the mind of a compulsively energetic multitasker (and amateur restaurant reviewer). Luckily, in 2009 The Washingtonian chronicled some of Gingrich’s more memorable tweets in our weekly roundup, Tweet Beat, so here are some of our favorites. If you’re wondering whether any of Gingrich’s tweets these days are actually composed by him, here’s a hint: He isn’t generally partial to using capital letters, even if his staffers are.

Week ending April 10, 2009:

@newtgingrich: I am doing greta van susteren tonight at 1030

@newtgingrich: The electric grid cyberpenetration story is a powerful reminder how dangerous the world is. Think of a world without electricity

@newtgingrich: I am on the way to fox to do chris wallace sunday morning show This morning reports that the $400 million “emergency” aid to mexico failed

@newtgingrich: I am doing hannity tonight on fox

Week ending April 24, 2009:

@newtgingrich: On the way to new yotk to talk tonight at the fordham university bronx campis tonight for a speech on 2 plus 2 equals 4

@newtgingrich: It is sad to think of how few students learn about concordf, lexington or the defining facts of american history. Modern schools = amnesia

@newtgingrich: Had a nice fish dinner at le mistral in mclean. Callistas dover sole was good but my trout was better. The mussels were superb

Week ending May 1, 2009:

@newtgingrich: I just learned officially that I will follow al gore tomorrow in a an energy and commerce hearing on a job killing tax increasing bill

@newtgingrich: I am now reading the incomplete draft of the energy bill. It is amazing.tomorrow will be very interesting because it is a very bad bill

@newtgingrich: Municipalities and counties can capture what would otherwise be escaping methane and either sell it or power their own vehicles a win-win

@newtgingrich: The trellis in williamsburg is a brilliant restaurant. There are 8 of us and every person thinks their meal is fabulous

Week ending May 8, 2009:

@newtgingrich: Tonight we go to siegfried, wagners four and a half hour epic of power and the destruction of the Gods at the washington national opera

@newtgingrich: The tenor sunging siegfried has bronchitis and is miming the role while another tenor sings off to the side. It is quite unusual

@newtgingrich: Siegfried waterboards mime in the first act and as a result mime starts to talk. When mime stops talking siegfried threatens to strabgle him

Week ending May 15, 2009:

@newtgingrich: Going to the white house correspondents dinner tonight—right now going grocery shopping—already did dry cleaner and shoe repair

@newtgingrich: Callista and I had a great dinner with greta van susteren and her husband john at one of my favorites l’auberge chez francois in great falls

@newtgingrich: A false story was planted this morning about my sueing twitter. This is totally false and we have repudiated it with the media

Week ending May 29, 2009:

@newtgingrich: Imagine a judicial nominee said ‘my experience as a white man makes me better than a Latina woman’ new racism is no better than old racism.

@newtgingrich: White man racist nominee would be forced to withdraw. Latina woman racist should also withdraw

@newtgingrich: Auschwitz is a horrifying experience which reminded me of thee vil of kim jong I’ll and dangers of al qaeda hamas and hezbollah

Week ending June 5, 2009:

@newtgingrich: We have had a wonderful day with liz lev guiding us through both roman and Christian Rome She is so knowledgavle it is like graduate course

Week ending June 26, 2009:

@newtgingrich: Callista and I just returned from a great freedom alliance nra cruise in the baltics. Freedom alliance helps children of military

Week ending July 2, 2009:

@newtgingrich: We had fun showing at jelly belly of ronald reagan rendezvous with destiny As jelly bean makers they have fond memories of president . . .

@newtgingrich: Having a good lunch at the mcdonalds in osseo with callista and her mother bernita. Good crispy chicken sandwich, great fries, good coffee

@newtgingrich: Drugans restaurant and golf course in holman wisconsin has great food and a seven foot tall wooden troll. They do a wonderful job

Week ending July 10, 2009:

@newtgingrich: It was very heart warming to see the miliyary and especially the wounded warrios honored at the tiger woods tournament in washington

@newtgingrich: It is true that since I type virtually all my tweets (and direct the others which are usually links to articles) I sometimes make typoes.

Week ending July 17, 2009:

newtgingrich: President obamas speech in ghana was very solid and hit many of the right notes. He asserted economic growth depends on good governance

Week ending July 31, 2009:

@newtgingrich: President Obama’s strong commitment on education reform is a good start and he is showing considerable courage indemanding real change

@newtgingrich: It was very wise of President Obama to call the policeman he had criticized in his press conference It was a classy way to apologize

@newtgingrich: Callista and I watched mama mia the other night. I liked the dancing queen sequence so much watched three times.meryl streep did great job

@newtgingrich: If you have never seen dunkleostus the armored fish from the devonian you should visit cleveland museum of natural historu It is amazing

Week ending August 7, 2009:

@newtgingrich: Wii bowling in stevens point wisconsin home of point beer and callista’s brother and his family; seven year old is proving tough competition

Week ending August 21, 2009:

@newtgingrich: It was sad to learn of the passing of robert novak.for half a century he aggressively and at times pugnaciously covered politics and govt

Week ending August 28, 2009:

@newtgingrich: Ilan Berman’s Long War gives thought-provoking challenges & clear solutions to hasten the end of radical Islamism

Week ending September 4, 2009:

ch: Good to be home about to go to mclean family restaurant for an american breakfast after 16 days in asia

@newtgingrich: Mclean family restaurant breakfast was perfect reentry to american food—whole wheat toast, rwo poached eggs, fruit bowl, coffee

Week ending October 5, 2009:

@newtgingrich: @DarrellIssa your health bill allowing the federal employee health plans (o be available to anyone nationwide just makes sense

Week ending October 23, 2009:

@newtgingrich: At mount vernon getting ready to do hannity on fox.

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