Weight Loss Diaries: Biking, Boot Camp, and Braving Zumba

Diarist Julie Albert enlists the help of friends and interesting fitness classes to stay motivated.

Julie shares photos of her diet and workouts through her Twitter account, @JulieAlbert79. This week’s favorite meal was an organic cauliflower pizza with low-fat mozzarella, roasted veggies, and turkey pepperoni. RIght: Julie stands in front of Jordin’s Paradise after a bootcamp workout. Photographs courtesy of Julie Albert.

Baby, it’s cold outside, and that’s made it difficult for me to go to the gym before or after work, even with the help of my precious Lululemon outfits.

I love early morning runs, but this time of year I wake up and go to bed in the cold and dark. So the excuses roll in: “I can’t run out there, I’ll freeze to death!” Or, “Oh, but my covers are so warm.” Well, that’s life. I decided to quit whining, because I have to work out if I want to see results.

Julie’s Weight Tracker:

Starting: 159 pounds

Current: 152 pounds

Goal: 145 to 148 pounds

I’ve learned that there are ways to make working out easier and more fun. I suggest joining the gym closest to your house and making workout plans with friends. I’ve done both, which has kept me motivated. While my friends may enjoy fancy dinners, charity events, and parties, they’re still on board to join me for whatever crazy class I want to take.

Speaking of crazy classes . . . this week, instead of going for cocktails, my friend Tracy and I went to bikini body boot camp class at Jordin’s Paradise. Thanks to my exercise and diet habits and that class, my sister even mentioned I looked good in my bikini during a brief trip to Atlantic City Sunday night. I’m also hesitantly taking a Zumba class on Sunday (though if I can sing Britney Spears at a karaoke bar, I think I can survive Zumba).

After the past few weeks, I think the most important lesson I’ve learned is to have a plan. Everyone has similar goals, but I need a plan that fits into my own bigger picture. My plan is to focus on the future and the now. I’ve signed up for the Frederick Half Marathon in May, which gives me a future goal—thinking about getting a medal helps, too!

My sister and I are also getting bikes, which undoubtedly will be pink. Mind you, we might bike to the Waterfront and have a mimosa, but at least we’ll have biked there.

Friday: 15 minutes on row machine, 10 minutes on stair climber, and 20-minute walk.
Saturday: One-hour workout with my trainer, Andrew Bloch, with about 20 minutes of lunges, 16 minutes of rowing, 11 minutes on stair climber, 25 minutes on elliptical.
Monday: 2-mile run, 15 minutes on row machine, 20 minutes on elliptical.
Tuesday: 2-mile run, 1-mile walk.
Wednesday: Bikini body boot camp at Jordin’s Paradise.
Thursday: 10-minute run, 15 minutes on row machine, 25 minutes on elliptical.

Follow Julie’s weight loss journey every Monday during the month of January. Follow her on Twitter at @juliealbert79.