3 Apps That Will Help You Sleep Better

Catch up on your zzzs this weekend by trying out these sleep-inducing apps.

There’s nothing better than getting a good night’s rest. But in this high-stress, high-power city, it can be pretty tough to actually get yourself to fall asleep. Fortunately, these apps for your smartphone are here to help.

1. Proactive Sleep

This popular app not only tracks your sleeping pattern, but it also helps pinpoint certain behaviors that might be preventing you from getting enough sleep. By keeping a daily sleep diary, you’re able to keep track of how much sleep you get every day, how difficult it was for you to fall asleep, and your average bedtime and sleep amount.

The app also asks you to track your daily habits, including exercise, diet, productivity, mood, caffeine intake, and medication use—all behaviors that sleep clinicians typically ask patients to track. As a bonus, there’s a selection of sounds that will help you fall asleep, such as crickets chirping or wind howling.

Available for: iPhone and Android
Price: $0.99

2. Sleep Cycle

For more ways technology is taking over, look no further than the Sleep Cycle bio-alarm clock. By placing your iPhone by your head on your bed, the app is able to monitor your movement and wake you up when you are in your lightest sleeping phase. Another cool feature: It provides a graph that plots when you were awake, dreaming, or in a deep sleep during the night. Worried it may wake you up too late if you’re in a deep sleep? No worries—Sleep Cycle will go off within a 30-minute window of your set time. Users should note that the app may take a couple of days to adjust to your body and sleeping patterns.

Available for: iPhone. For Androids, try a similiar app called Sleep as Android.
Price: $0.99

3. Pzizz Sleep

It’s all about the sounds with this app. Sure, it’ll set you back $10, but most reviews have said Pzizz Sleep is totally worth the investment. It allows you to choose from thousands of ambient sounds and adjust the length, volume, and voice. The app then mixes all of the sounds in various ways—Pzizz will never play the same soundtrack. According to the company, it’s “like getting a new relaxation CD or guided sleep track every day for the rest of your life.” There’s also a lite version for $1.99, but users have complained about its lack of choices.

Available for: iPhone and Android
Price: $9.99

Do you use another sleep app that isn’t on our list? Let us know in the comments.