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What They Wore—to the Jeté Society Dance Party

Fabulous frocks and cool chapeaus abound at the Mad Hatter–themed shindig.

Gala founders and co-chairs Ashley Taylor and Winston Bao Lord (left). The Mad Hatter himself, Larry O’Halloran, with Scott Jeffrey (right). Photographs by Kevin Allen.

Slideshow: Jeté Society Mad Hatter’s Dance Party 

The Jeté Society describes itself as “a group of young professionals dedicated to advancing the mission of the Washington Ballet.” It also throws one of the best dance parties of the year as part of its fundraising. This year the party was at the Ritz-Carlton hotel, in DC’s West End. The theme was “the Mad Hatter’s dance party,” in keeping with the ballet’s new production of Alice in Wonderland.

This article appears in the March 2012 issue of The Washingtonian.