3 of the Top Jogging Strollers On the Market

The world record holder in completing a marathon with a jogging stroller picks his favorite on the market right now.

Finding time for a run in a busy day is hard enough already,
but add young kids to the equation and it can feel impossible.
Next time you feel the need to stretch your legs but can’t find
a babysitter to watch the kids, why not load the little ones
into a jogging stroller and take them along for a ride? Jogging
strollers are a fun and easy way to transport kids–and can
add an additional challenge to your workout.

We spoke to local marathon runner
Mike Wardian, the current world record holder for completing a marathon with a jogging stroller, to get his insight on three of the best
jogging strollers on the market.

Photograph courtesy of On the Horizon Communications.

B.O.B. “Revolution,” $449

This stroller is Wardian’s top pick because of its
winning combination of lightness, a smooth ride, and a sturdy structure.
The Revolution allows you to lock or unlock the front wheel,
“which is huge if you’re on a busy bike trail and want to avoid
people,” notes Wardian. The swiveling wheel provides more
maneuverability than a locked wheel, which requires lifting the
stroller to turn it, which can be inconvenient in crowded

Photograph courtesy of On the Horizon Communications.

B.O.B. “Ironman,” $409
Wardian praises the Ironman as a “great stroller” and
recommends it for long, flat sections of bike trails or roads, although
he cautions that it doesn’t handle quite as well on bumpy
trails. Unlike the Revolution stroller, the Ironman has a fixed
front wheel, which makes it “more difficult to get around in
stores and crowds.” However, he highly recommends this stroller
for racing because it is light and rolls very smoothly.

Photograph courtesy of Thule Communications.

Chariot Carriers “Cheetah,” $425 to $475

The Cheetah is one versatile stroller, says Wardian,
and is ideal for active parents who participate in a variety of outdoor
activities. It can be pushed (while running) or pulled (while
biking or even cross-country skiing). Plus, the Cheetah is available
as a single or a double carrier, so it’s a good choice for
those who need to transport more than one child.

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