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People Still Really Want to See Marilyn Monroe Naked

The cover story of the new “Vanity Fair” reminds us of an article we posted way back in 2006.

Marilyn Monroe in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

Today the June issue of
Vanity Fair arrived on our desk, bearing a photo of
Marilyn Monroe and a giant cover line: “Inside: The Lost Nudes.” The
story is an adaptation
of photographer Lawrence Schiller’s memoir, in which he recalls
photographing Monroe on the set of her last movie, the never-finished

Something’s Got to Give. The article does, in fact,
include nude photos–although (spoiler alert) all the shots are strictly
PG-13. What made this
article stick out for us, however, is that it’s a reminder of one of the most-viewed stories ever posted on an article from December 2006 called “Marilyn Monroe’s First
Nude Photos.”
So for all the folks who looked at it–and were
instantly disappointed that (spoiler alert number two) no actual nudes were included in the post­–we’d recommend hitting your local
magazine rack soon.