Happy Hour Fitness Classes in Washington

Instead of hitting the bars after work, why not hit the gym?

Balance Gym in Thomas Circle offers three happy hour classes each week. Its bootcamp class takes place on the roof and focuses on boosting endurance and stamina. Photograph courtesy of Balance Gym.

When the clock hits 5 PM on a Friday, it’s tempting to grab your coworkers and head to the bar for an after-work tipple. But indulge in happy hour too often and your waistline could start to suffer. For a healthier post-office routine, why not head to one of the happy hour exercise classes offered at a number of local gyms and studios? Happy hour fitness classes typically take place on Fridays around five or six in the evening, and you don’t even have to feel like you’re missing out on the fun—some classes are even followed by a trip to a local watering hole for more traditional happy hour fare.

Quiet Mind Yoga
3423 14 St., NW; 202-299-0111
Quiet Mind Yoga offers a one-hour Vinyasa Happy Hour on Fridays at 5:15 PM. Vinyasa yoga is characterized by flowing movement and breath; the happy hour class is a “slower flow” vinyasa session that is meant to be challenging but also restorative. This class is open to all levels of yoga practitioners, including beginners.

Revolve Fitness 
1025 N. Fillmore St., Suite J, Arlington; 703-567-4516
Looking for a fun indoor cycling challenge to round out your work week? Head to Revolve Fitness in Arlington on Fridays at 5:30 PM for the 45-minute TGIF Happy Hour Ride. The class is set to a fun mix of mashup tunes. Make sure to book ahead on the Revolve website, and save time afterward for a potential trip to nearby bar.

Past Tense Studio
3253 Mt. Pleasant St., NW; 202-462-9642
If you want an energizing yoga session to kick off your Friday night, check out the happy hour workout at Past Tense on Fridays at 6:30. This fun class, which is open to all levels of participants, is set to Top 40, alternative, and R&B music. Reserve a spot on the Past Tense website.

Balance Gym at Thomas Circle
1339 Green Ct., NW; 202-216-9000
Balance Gym offers happy hour classes that appeal to a wide range of fitness interests. Head up to the gym’s roof deck for happy hour yoga on Friday nights from 5:30 to 7 PM, or, for a cardio challenge, try out happy hour boot camp from 5:45 to 6:30. The boot-camp class focuses on “high heart-rate training,” which boosts endurance and stamina and improves body composition. If you just feel like dancing, stop by the 5:30 Dance Trance class, which features light effects, energizing music, and choreographed dance routines.

Shakti Mind Body Studio
3803 13th St., NE; 202-783-6463
For a relaxing break after a hard week’s work, check out Shakti Mind Body Studio’s Happy Hour Flow, offered the first Friday of every month. This “simple flowing yoga and meditation class” is one hour long. You can book ahead on Shakti’s website.

1724 California St., NW; 202-328-6468
Mint Dupont’s Friday Flow Yoga, from 5:30 to 7 PM, is a “moderately paced” vinyasa class focusing on breath and movement. This invigorating class is appropriate for those with some yoga experience as well as for more advanced yogis. Visit the Mint website to reserve a spot.

Potomac Pilates
10800 Potomac Tennis La., Potomac; 301-983-3745
For those lucky enough to duck out of work a few hours early on Friday, Potomac Pilates offers a number of happy hour Pilates and barre classes from 1 to 4 PM each week. The hour-long sessions are offered at half price for drop-ins. Discounted happy hour classes are offered on Thursdays, too.