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DC Tweets Kwame Brown’s Resignation

The Twittersphere was . . . well, atwitter yesterday with news that the DC City Council chair would step down.

The Twittersphere lit up with news of the resignation of
DC City Council Chairman Kwame Brown, including tweets from Brown himself, and even some about
David Simon, creator of
The Wire, who phoned into
The Kojo Nnamdi Show with his take on the resignation.
Interestingly, not heard from on Twitter were Brown’s fellow members of
the City Council.
They have remained mum, probably because one of them will be
the new council chair. A decision on that is expected next week.
There will also have to be a special election for Brown’s
at-large council seat.

The resignation happened late yesterday, after Brown
agreed to plead guilty to charges of federal bank fraud. Today the US
Attorney’s office added another charge, a misdemeanor, relating
to a second reelection campaign bank account that was allegedly
used by a relative, reportedly his brother,
Che Brown.

Washington Post’s
Mike DeBonis noted that Brown’s “first public comments are tweets about go-go.” Brown shot back, “my gogo comment was for those who use
every opportunity 2 stop gogo shows in dc by saying its bad. Even bands tht r good.”

Here’s a random selection of the more interesting tweets about Brown.