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Help the Washington Animal Rescue League, Which Is Still Without Power

The shelter is looking for ice, blankets, and more.

Puppies at the Washington Animal Rescue League in 2008. Photograph courtesy of Flickr user angela n.

Many Washington residents are still without power. Among
them are the animals at the Washington Animal Rescue League in Northwest DC. Toughing out a heat
wave sans air conditioning is bad enough. Now add a fur coat to
the equation, and you can imagine how uncomfortable the dogs
and cats at the shelter must be.

The Washington Animal Rescue League, located at 71
Oglethorpe Street, Northwest, has more than 100 dogs and cats currently
up for adoption, according to its website. Phones are not in
service at the shelter, so if you’d like to help, just swing
by. Here’s what the shelter needs, according to its Facebook

• Ice

• Gasoline for generators

• Towels and blankets

• Also, according to DCist, the shelter has a huge amount of laundry that needs washing, so if you can do a load at home,
the animals there would undoubtedly appreciate it.

• Lastly, you can donate money online.

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