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Monday Morning Quarterback: Redskins Vs. Colts

A roundup of tweets about the ’Skins winning game three of the preseason.

Because the Redskins/Colts matchup was a Saturday afternoon game, the Monday Morning
quarterbacks were tweeting mostly on Saturday. Happy with the 37-17 victory, the trend
on Twitter was generally favorable toward the team’s performance, including some nice
words for the often put-upon quarterback
Rex Grossman, who relieved
Robert Griffin III in the second half. For the moment, Grossman is back in favor with the reliably fickle
Skins fans. Other than that, there was some concern for the hue of coach
Mike Shanahan’s tan.

The last game of the preseason is Wednesday, when Washington meets the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
at 7 PM at FedEx Field. The real thing happens on Sunday, September 9, with the Redskins
season opener at New Orleans. RG3 made his face-off with
Andrew Luck a non-event, but what will it be like for him to go up against
Drew Brees? Until then, here’s the latest.