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The Tweet Beat: Redskins Fans Are Fired Up for Sunday’s Season Opener

Those who Tweet, including RG3, let loose with their thoughts.

Washington football fans can barely contain themselves as the clock counts down to
the season opener Sunday between the Redskins and the Saints in New Orleans. Despite
the odds being against a Washington win, the fans, at least on Twitter, are loaded
with way more enthusiasm than skepticism. It all seems to rest on quarterback Robert
Griffin III, who has also found time to tweet. Apart from some shout-outs to the Subway
restaurant chain, his most recent comments were more philosophical and spiritual than
anything. “Sometimes not being ‘normal’ isn’t a bad thing. I haven’t been normal a
day in my life.” And: “Appreciate everything in life and don’t be afraid to be you
Some will love you and some will not But God is your only judge.” This is sweet stuff,
but is this how he talks to Coach Mike Shanahan?

Regardless, here’s a random selection of what the fans are saying in the run-up to
the unveiling of the “new” and, hopefully, “improved” Redskins. We’ll be back after
the game with the Monday Morning Quarterback.