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No, Dan Snyder Is Not Hosting a Fundraiser for Mitt Romney

Despite reports to the contrary, the Redskins owner has no plans to hold a fundraiser for the Republican presidential candidate at his house.

Don't expect to see Mitt Romney at Dan Snyder's house anytime soon. Image courtesy of Shutterstock.

Wednesday morning on Politico,
Mike Allen reported that “beloved” Redskins owner
Dan Snyder plans to host a fundraiser for Mitt Romney at the Snyder manse in Potomac, Maryland.

Not much later,
Dan Steinberg tweeted, “Despite Politico report, both the Redskins and the Romney campaign say
Snyder is not hosting a Romney fundraiser.”

Snyder contributed $2,500, the maximum allowable, to the Romney campaign, and an additional
$10,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee this year. Last year he
contributed an additional $2,500 to Romney.
Tanya Snyder, his wife, also made two $2,500 contributions to Romney in those two years. Of course,
the big money is in hosting a fundraiser for one’s equally rich friends and/or “bundling”
contributions from same.

Just to be sure, we checked with Redskins spokesman
Tony Wyllie, who sent back a brief and clear answer: “It is not true.”

So we’re left wondering: Could Allen have a bum source?

Still, if you live near the Snyders and you notice a big party and a lot of Secret
Service, please let us know.