Aureta: My Best On-the-Go Beauty Secret

Our columnist dishes on an extravagant but failproof way to ensure you always look glam.

Photograph by Sonny Gerasimowicz.

This past Sunday I arrived in Los Angeles, where I will be based for the next month while working on several exciting projects (more on that later). LA is experiencing the hottest weather I’ve witnessed in a decade, so in addition to attending many air-conditioned meetings, I’ve made the time to do a fair amount of swimming.

My extra-long lashes are actually semipermanent lash extensions courtesy of Northern Virginia lash artist Dwanna of Lady D Lash Studio. I like them because they last four to six weeks at a time, and when you’re constantly on the go, it’s awesome to not have to worry about eye makeup. I’m also allergic to mascara, so this is the perfect alternative. Putting them on takes about an hour and a half, and I usually nap through the process. You can learn more about the process at the Extreme Lashes website, and any other questions you’ve got will likely be answered on the FAQ page. It’s gala season, so if you need to bat some fabulous lashes one of these evenings, now you know where to go!

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