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The Palm Wants Your Surf and Turf Vote

Taking advantage of the election tie-in, the popular steakhouse offers food “candidates.”

It seems everyone wants to get aboard the election bandwagon, in one way or another—including
the Palm restaurant, which has found a voting angle for the battle of the surf and

From now through Election Day, November 6, at the DC and Tysons Corner Palms, patrons
can vote for “candidates” from a new $49.90 prix-fixe menu. The three choices are
filet and crab, filet and lobster, or filet and shrimp. Each order includes a choice
of starter—Caesar salad, lobster bisque, or mixed greens—and a dessert of pumpkin
spice crème brûlée. So far, according to the Palm, the traditional filet and lobster
is ahead with 74 percent of the vote.

It’s not a candidate, but we have to admit that when perusing the surf and turf debate
page, our eyes wandered away from the official ballot to a tasty-looking fall starter:
lobster-and-bacon fondue with pretzel rolls. We’ll consider it a write-in candidate.

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