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BREAKING: Authorities Pursue Suspect Who Tossed Molotov-Like Device Into Ballston Mall Food Court

No one was hurt, and police have a suspect.

There won’t be any official confirmation of exactly what happened until later today,
but authorities are saying someone tossed a Molotov cocktail-like device into the
food court at Ballston Mall today shortly after noon. They said it did not explode
and one was hurt.

Washingtonian reporter Travis Andrews, who was on the scene in Ballston, reports that the device
was thrown over a railing from an upper floor at the mall, according to authorities.
The suspect reportedly fled into Metro, but it’s unclear whether he’s on a train that
has been stopped or if he is cornered in the Courthouse Metro station. Andrews says
FBI, ATF, and Arlington police are investigating at the Metro stop and at Ballston
Mall. He said many people are crowded around the locations and that parts of Wilson
Boulevard have been shut down. The mall was evacuated, closed, and sealed off. There
were reports of a possible three other devices, but authorities will not confirm,
according to Andrews.