5 Things to Expect at the New District CrossFit in Southwest

District CrossFit’s second location opens this Monday.

The second location of District Crossfit is 10,000-square-feet and located at 1525 Half Street, Southwest. Photograph by Colin Daileda.

When District CrossFit’s landlord kicked them out of their expansion building and across the street, they were a bit worried about what to expect from the new place. Fortunately for the team and future customers, at 10,000 square feet, it’s nearly twice the size. Here’s what patrons of the chain’s newest establishment can expect come Monday when the CrossFit affiliate’s second location opens in Southwest.

Open Spaces
When CrossFitters walk into 1525 Half Street, Southwest, they’ll step into a lobby that immediately expands into a spacious, high-ceilinged, two-part gym that is almost certainly bigger than anything they’re used to. Andrew Killion, the head coach and co-owner of District CrossFit, says the focus was on having a lot of space for people to move around so that athletes can exercise “like a human, not a hamster.” There’s also an alley out back that Killion plans to use for sleds, carries, and sprints.

Freedom to Pick Your Own Workout
Killion understands that some people like to come to CrossFit gyms to do the WOD, or “workout of the day,” with a group, some enjoy coming in for specific classes, and still others like to go solo. To cater to all types of CrossFit athletes, Killion’s gym will not only allow people to move about freely, but will also allow them to pay only for what they use, instead of having a general membership fee.

Olympic-Caliber Equipment
DC CrossFit’s newest location is split in half by a series of square white columns. On one side is a traditional CrossFit gym, with dumbbells, ropes, and other equipment. The other half is geared more toward weightlifting, and has an assortment of equipment exercisers aren’t likely to find at their local gym. A range of heavy-duty bench press bars sit on a rack next to rainbow-colored plates, enough to make a bodybuilder happy but not so much that they’ll intimidate anyone with less upper-body strength. Not far from them is an Olympic lifting platform, for anyone who wants to test out how the pros do it.

A Massage and Chiropractor Room
Although it’s not likely to be open on day one, Killion and company have set aside a room where patrons will be able to come and work out their body’s kinks after a hard CrossFit session. He says District CrossFit has made friends with people in the massage and chiropractor business over the years, and a few are interested in setting up shop with them.

Nice Bathrooms
Anyone who’s ever been to a CrossFit gym will understand just how much these bathrooms are a luxury, Killion says. There are stalls big enough to change in, two showers each in the men’s and women’s room, and mirrors to check makeup and ties alike before heading off to work.

Be sure to check District CrossFit’s website on Monday for more information on the new location and fees.

District CrossFit. 1525 Half St., SW.