6 Natural Hangover Cures

Put down the Gatorade and try one of these effective tricks.

There are plenty of natural ways to cure and prevent a hangover. Photograph courtesy of Shutterstock.

We all have that hangover remedy we swear by: two Tylenols with a glass of water,
chugging Gatorade before bed, maybe even a morning-after beer to ease the headache.
But are you really curing that nasty hangover or just masking the symptoms? We rounded
up some natural relievers to prevent or cure the hangover, just in time for what’s
likely to be the biggest hangover of the season—New Year’s.

Snacks: This is something we can all get down with. Nosh all you want at your New
Year’s Eve party with a drink in hand—the fuller your stomach, the more time it takes
for the alcohol to enter the intestines, where absorption occurs.

Clear drinks: The myth that drinking clear over dark drinks will prevent a hangover
is actually true—sort of. While you’re more likely wake with a splitting headache
if you stuck with bourbon all night, that doesn’t mean you can drink five martinis
in two hours and feel fine afterward. As always, everything in moderation.

Water: Speaking of clear drinks, you’ll definitely want to have a glass of water in
your other hand throughout the night. Preach all you want about the magical powers
of Gatorade and coconut water, but water is king when it comes to preventing hangover
symptoms next morning. Be sure to drink it throughout the night and gulp down a glass
or two right before bed.

Asparagus: According to a new study published in the Journal of Food Science, asparagus
may prevent a hangover. The amino acid and mineral contents in asparagus were found
to protect liver cells against toxins from alcohol. And asparagus leaves contained
much more protective amino acids and minerals than the shoots.

Wheatgrass: Trade that shot of tequila for a shot of wheatgrass the next morning.
Wheatgrass contains chlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, and
while it may not prevent hangover symptoms, its detoxing properties will help you
feel better sooner than later.

Wasabi: No, we don’t recommend that you stuff a spoonful of wasabi down your throat,
but how about settling into a wasabi bath? Wasabi is known for its cleansing properties,
as it increases blood circulation and contains isothiocyanates, which enable detoxification.
There are plenty of wasabi bath salts, plus mustard baths, which also contain the
same detoxifying properties.