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Politics & Prose Packed for Reading of Jack Nelson’s Memoir, “Scoop”

Barbara Matusow—the late reporter's wife, editor of the book, and "Washingtonian" contributing editor—appeared to discuss the work.
Audience members await a reading of Scoop at Politics & Prose. Photographs by Alan Muldawer.

This Sunday afternoon, audience members packed into the Politics & Prose bookstore on Connecticut Avenue to hear a reading of Scoop, the memoir of Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Jack Nelson. Appearing to discuss the work were his wife, Barbara Matusow, a Washingtonian contributing editor and the editor of the book; Doyle McManus, who succeeded Nelson as the LA Times Washington bureau chief in 1996; and Gene Roberts, former executive editor of the Philadelphia Enquirer.*

Barbara Matusow signs a copy of Scoop.
Doyle McManus discusses the work.

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